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Probate Lawyer


Reuben can work with you to create some or all of the following documents:

  • A basic testamentary will that allows you to appoint an executor/executrix of your choice to dispose of your assets at your death

  • A power of attorney (PoA), which only takes effect should you become incapacitated due to illness, mental incapacity or other reason. By executing a PoA, you or your loved ones can avoid petitioning the Probate Court for the appointment of a conservator or guardian.  The PoA will save you time and money and will allow you to choose someone to handle your affairs for you. 

  • A living will allows you to express your desires regarding medical care should you become incapacitated.  It can do any or all of the following:

    • Allow you to choose which medical treatments and life sustaining measures you want and express your wishes regarding tube feeding, resuscitation or mechanical ventilation;

    • Appoint a health care agent, allowing you to choose who can discuss your medical situation and treatments with your health care providers on your behalf;

    • Designate a Conservator for future incapacity;

    • And express your wishes regarding organ donation.

  • A trust, which allows you to provide and care for your loved ones after your passing. 

Contact Reuben now to create the documents that will take the pressure off your family in the future, so that you can stop worrying in the present.

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