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DCF Lawyer / Family Lawyer

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the Connecticut agency responsible for the protection of Connecticut children.  Don’t let the mission statement fool you; the DCF is not always inclined to keep families together.  DCF proceedings are a complicated maze where one misstep can cost you your children and cause irreparable harm to your family.


When you are involved with the DCF you have the right to representation during the proceedings.  This is one right that you should not waive! 


Attorney Reuben Manning is experienced and ready to represent you in a broad range of DCF matters including but not limited to:


Reuben is also experienced with matters in Juvenile Court and Children’s Probate Court and is ready to represent you in those courts throughout Connecticut. 


If you are a member of the extended family that is involved a DCF, probate or juvenile court matter who wants to be a placement resource for children in DCF care, you have options.  If your relatives are in DCF care, and you want to help them, Reuben can help you. 


Contact him now to schedule an immediate consultation.  Let him help you successfully navigate the DCF maze and protect your family. 

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